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Vans Girls x Babes Ride Out East Coast


This past Memorial Day, I ditched the normal BBQ parties to ride to the Catskills with my friend Kelli and about 200 other women who ride. The ride was full of hiccups, including some bike problems that cost us major delays each day! But each night of the event, we entered the campground in Narrowsburg, NY to nothing but cheers and smiles for miles.

That weekend we broke down, we swam in waterfalls, we got lost, and we raced back to the campground against the sun. But most importantly, and in true Babes Ride Out fashion, we got to talk life and hang out with some awesome ladies. Among those ladies were Brittany Wood and Genevieve Davis from Vans Girls.

Due to some bike problems, I missed out on a ride with the lovely ladies from Vans. But, I did answer some questions for the Vans Girls blog about how I got into motorcycles, what it's like to work in an industry that has had historically few females, and what it takes to get ahead.


Brittany, Vans Girls: You always hear about riding becoming this huge life-changing experience. Do you feel your life has changed in any way since getting your license? How?
For sure. I think that a lot of people think about what they want to do constantly, but wanting to do something and doing it are very different! I think that getting a motorcycle in the first place was a huge step in getting the confidence to do something that was maybe a little unusual and that I was nervous to do. But doing it and taking trips and riding different types of bikes has made me confident in ways that I know have since bled into other parts of my life. For me, that’s huge.

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RWTH x Madewell, Babes Meeting Babes

Dear wonderful babes, it was so nice to meet some of you for the first time this past Sunday at Madewell Philly!

Gone are the times when it was weird to walk up to someone and say 'hey, I follow you on Instagram.' I actually used to fight that, but over the years I've realized that there's no point! Whether you work regular hours or odd hours or no hours, meeting other women who have a common interest isn't always easy. That's why I love riding motorcycles and why I wanted to do this event at Madewell.

A huge shoutout and thank you to Madewell and to Lily, in particular, (who used to be the event coordinator for Madewell's Philly location) for coming up with the idea and setting this up. I'm so thrilled to now have you working with me at RevZilla. :)

Another big thank you to the ladies of The Fox Run for sharing the event and meeting up! It was awesome to meet so many of you and to see you meet each other for the first time too.

And to Virginia, Babes Ride Out's East Coast manager, for sharing the event as well.

The whole point of this event was to meet other ladies who ride or are interested in riding, and maybe shop and drink and eat a little too. Because, why not?

And drink & eat we did! Thank you Art In The Age, for the Sage and Rhubarb cocktails (a post on summer favorites from them to come), and Lil Pop Shop for the sweets!

I can't wait to see you all at the Fox Run & Babes Ride Out East Coast! xoxo

Harmony, Lucy, Marie, Kelly, & Mae of The Fox Run. See you ladies soon!

Madewell x RUNWTHEHUNTED present..

As a rider and a DoItYourself woman I value quality, fit and function. I seek clothing that is both flattering and utilitarian, serving my needs as a do-somethin woman. Like many women, I crave goods that will stand up to the adventures of my day to day life.

I wear Madewell jeans because they do just that.

Join us next Sunday at Madewell's Walnut Street store for a:

Meet n' Greet & Shop Event!

Meet other girls who have a passion for two wheels and shop n' sip with sweets while you exchange info for this Spring's upcoming all-female rides: The Fox Run & Babes Ride Out East Coast!

See you there!

Important and True: Madewell's heavier-weight jeans don't rip at the thighs or stretch out at the butt. But, they are not considered riding gear.

Even the heaviest weight denim is not proper riding gear unless it is lined or reinforced. Preferably with an abrasion resistant material like kevlar and/or CE rated armor. Find out more on RevZilla.com.


photo by DCar

photo by DCar

When I first started riding, I didn't have any girlfriends to ride with. But, I did have one special homegirl who trusted me enough to get on the back of my bike and experience it with me. Now, 1.2 million riders are female. That's 14%, up from 9% in previous years. And 17% of new riders in Gen X and Gen Y are also women- 34% them on "big bad" cruisers. I'm so happy to suddenly be a part of this movement that's all about empowerment and having fun. To all the new riders or ladies thinking of riding out there- you can do it! So the next time you see a lady rider, slow down and say hello. You just might meet a new friend to experience these amazing times with 💘 

Want to read more about female ridership? Head over to RevZilla's blog, Common Tread to read more:




Spring Is In the Air

Two years ago I started working at RevZilla and I had no idea what a dual sport bike was. I had heard the term Enduro, but even that was just a Craigslist term that I wasn't 100% certain the meaning of. I was a novice and I really just loved old bikes, even if I didn't know a ton about them. Since then, I've been exposed to so many different bikes and I've had the pleasure of speaking to a really diverse mix of riders.

Of them, the off-road crowd just wins. They don't stop grinning when they describe the type of riding they do. It's infectious and I've felt my face get flush with envy every so many times while hearing them talk. So about a year ago, I started my quest for the perfect off-road machine (for me).

I looked at a few bikes in person and scoured Craigslist daily like everyone else. All of the bikes I saw were either too tall or too small or too old. At 5'2", they were mostly too tall! So, I began looking at forums for bikes with lower seat heights that were also street legal, reliable and not too expensive. Soon after, I found a '94 Yamaha XT225 Serow with a few scrapes and dings at a fair price. My favorite thing about it so far is the DG exhaust. Problem is, it stopped running the day after I brought it home!

So, I spent last Saturday in the garage with DCar and our friend Adam from Cast & Salvage. It took us a few hours to get everything back in order (carbs needed cleaning / re-jetting and the airbox was full of oil that presumably overflowed from the crankcase), and the garage was cold as hell, but we finally got it running that evening. I didn't think to take any photos of the process because I wanted to learn, but I did get a silly photo that caught everyone's surprise when we finally heard it turn over :)

By the time we got it running we were all frozen and tired. But on Sunday I got to ride the XT for the first time with my friend, Jim, and his wife Kelli. Naturally, we ran into some other people who were enjoying the sunshine.


On a surprisingly warm day this November, my friend Tracy and I ended a little ride on the west side of the Art Museum. We got there just in time for the sunset.

The Art Museum is one of the my favorite landmarks in Philly. Riding towards it along West Rider Drive is really kind of breathtaking and makes for an amazing view of the museum, the river and boat house row.

Even though the museum itself closes daily, the steps, nearby gazebos and park are always open. Growing up, I spent many a night hanging out on the steps and gazing at the city lights.