Vans Girls x Babes Ride Out East Coast


This past Memorial Day, I ditched the normal BBQ parties to ride to the Catskills with my friend Kelli and about 200 other women who ride. The ride was full of hiccups, including some bike problems that cost us major delays each day! But each night of the event, we entered the campground in Narrowsburg, NY to nothing but cheers and smiles for miles.

That weekend we broke down, we swam in waterfalls, we got lost, and we raced back to the campground against the sun. But most importantly, and in true Babes Ride Out fashion, we got to talk life and hang out with some awesome ladies. Among those ladies were Brittany Wood and Genevieve Davis from Vans Girls.

Due to some bike problems, I missed out on a ride with the lovely ladies from Vans. But, I did answer some questions for the Vans Girls blog about how I got into motorcycles, what it's like to work in an industry that has had historically few females, and what it takes to get ahead.


Brittany, Vans Girls: You always hear about riding becoming this huge life-changing experience. Do you feel your life has changed in any way since getting your license? How?
For sure. I think that a lot of people think about what they want to do constantly, but wanting to do something and doing it are very different! I think that getting a motorcycle in the first place was a huge step in getting the confidence to do something that was maybe a little unusual and that I was nervous to do. But doing it and taking trips and riding different types of bikes has made me confident in ways that I know have since bled into other parts of my life. For me, that’s huge.

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