do it for the babe


photo by DCar

photo by DCar

When I first started riding, I didn't have any girlfriends to ride with. But, I did have one special homegirl who trusted me enough to get on the back of my bike and experience it with me. Now, 1.2 million riders are female. That's 14%, up from 9% in previous years. And 17% of new riders in Gen X and Gen Y are also women- 34% them on "big bad" cruisers. I'm so happy to suddenly be a part of this movement that's all about empowerment and having fun. To all the new riders or ladies thinking of riding out there- you can do it! So the next time you see a lady rider, slow down and say hello. You just might meet a new friend to experience these amazing times with 💘 

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Babes Ride Out : Do It For The Babes!!

A little over a month ago I went to Babes Ride Out - an all female motorcycle campout and riding event held in Joshua Tree California. This year, it was the largest one in history with 1200 women in attendance.

 I put down 600+ miles on the biggest bike I've ever ridden with my friend Kelli and Lauryn, a girl from Milwaukee who we met there. It was a dream.

I wrote about my experience on, the moto retail company that I work for. I'm really excited to share it and I hope you enjoy it :)


On Saturday morning, we woke up in Joshua Tree, Calif., along with about 1,200 other women. We looked at all four of the suggested rides for the day and decided to go to the farthest one, Salvation Mountain. We taped directions to our tanks and headed south.
Our first stop set the tone for the day.
At a gas station in Coachella, a woman walked up to us with her daughter in tow.
“Are those your bikes?” she asked.
We could tell she was surprised when we confirmed they were, because she turned and nodded excitedly to the little girl. Then she said told us it was her daughter’s eighth birthday.
“Would you take a photo with her for her birthday?” she said. Before she even finished asking, we said yes. Her daughter walked over to us shyly, but smiling from ear to ear.
As we rode away, I remembered something that happened a few weeks earlier at The Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood, N.J. A friend of mine yelled to a lone woman racer, “Do it for the babes!”

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