About a year ago I was thumbing through Instagram and came across this wonderful feed of beautiful roads, a beautiful girl, and two words that made me want to leave work to hang with my friends.

BABE CAVE. A British brand selling t-shirts, patches and vintage finds. Inspired by motorcycle culture, music and everything 70s.

But, that's not why I support the brand. After introducing herself as best one could from across the pond, I asked the woman behind Babe Cave to tell me how it came about. Here's her story:

"So a little about myself,

My name Louise Henesy but my friends call me Weeze. I'm 28 years old and currently live in Hackney, London.

I got into motorcycles a couple years ago, during a road trip with my friend, one of those bucket list check points.  We planned our trip LA to San Francisco to Joshua Tree & Palm Springs.  When we were staying at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs we invited our friends to join us out there and they came by motorcycle.  I mentioned I had never been on one and yeah within a couple of hours I was sitting on the back having a ride round Palm Springs.  I was hooked.  
I first learnt to ride about year and a half ago, my birthday fell on a Monday, so you can imagine all my friends were working, so I ended up going north to my parents place for a long weekend. As I got to my home town I noticed a motorcycle training centre had just opened and I thought 'fuck it I'm diving in'  So I booked my CBT for the day of my birthday and it was honestly the best birthday ever!!  I spent my birthday learning everything as I was a total motorcycle rookie.  I think as I've gotten older I have a more 'make shit happen' attitude.  I currently don't have a bike, but next year I will invest. London life is super expensive so it's a case of saving what I can each month.

Babe Cave launched Summer 2015 and has been a dream.  I was going through some changes at work & as all creative people know the visual element in business is sometimes a 'luxury'.  So as visual work was a risk I had to really think about the bigger picture.  At this point there were some real strong brands beginning to emerge from really inspiring women and I knew this was something that maybe could bridge the gap if anything did happen to my visual work and it was something I'm passionate about. The name Babe Cave came about during my road trip along the PCH, I bought a sign from some store for my apartment back home & the name kind of struck a chord

Babe Cave is influenced by 70s vibes and motorcycle culture.  I'm heavily influenced by music so a lot of my designs & social posts reference lyrics and are often given a twist. I have also recently added a Vintage Section to the Cave so I thrift when I can and its how I love to spend my weekends. Most recent collab is with my friend Matt Sabbath. He came up with a great design & his artwork is that 70s psychedelic feel so it felt like a great partnership.  He understood the brand & I was confident to let him come up with some ideas, I gave him some slogan & lyrics to play around with and I'm stoked on the end result."

On Music

"I love all types of music but I think the music that spoke to me the most was defiantly Punk.  Punk has shaped my life & made me the person I am today.  Punk then turned into Hardcore punk and I think thats where I found excitement and felt part of something real special. Bands like MDC, Minor Threat, Jerrys Kids and Negative Approach are massive influences in my life.  I could identify with their lyrics and loved the explosive energy they had when they played.  Aside from Hardcore Punk, I love 70s rock 'n roll bands like Black Sabbath, Lynyrd skynyrd, ZZ Top and of course Creedence.  These guys were perfect for my first road-trip along the coast. The soundtrack was simply called "the playlist with Ted Nugent on."

On the Influence of the 70s
The 70s was such an explosive time, punk was blowing up homes & the skateboarding scene took on new level. The 70s was 'radical' in every possible way, everything was a FUCK IT / DIY kinda vibe and thats what Babe Cave is all about. Its two fingers up to people who say you can't do this and to authority.  Do what you want, fail or succeed, who gives a fuck as long as you are enjoying the ride."

On Moto

"The women's motorcycle scene is really taking off here in England and its great to see!  I think women doing something that has been generally populated by males is amazing and I'm super supportive of these strong women.  I've found a lot of very supportive female bikers who have welcomed me into their world and are always on hand for advice.  No matter what level you are at riding the support has been unreal and it's super refreshing."

On Heroes - "The girls owning their own brand and killing it."

Elena Costa for 'The Costa Sisters' & Buffalo Riders - "Elena and her sister are videographers and produce the most beautiful videos for events. It's super dreamy. Those girls work real hard and you can really tell by the quality of their work."

Burds London - - "These babes specialise in badass denim, double strength denim for bikers.  I love their aesthetic and branding so if you guys are after some killer denim that will last, head over to their store"


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